Your Shirts Will Love Us!

professionaly laundered shirts last longer

Look your best in a professionaly cleaned & finished shirt!


Your shirts will look great and have a longer life when cleaned and cared for by Press Club. Upon check-in your shirts are inspected by our experience team for damage, stains and broken buttons. If required, we give  “special attention” to spots and stains as well as replace any missing or damaged buttons. Your shirts are then treated to a nearly two hour wash cycle in our professional wet cleaning machines using premium detergent only available to laundry professionals. At the conclusion of the wash cycle. our experienced team of garment care professionals will properly press and finish your shirt using gentle steam on our state-of-the-art shirt finishing machine. And finally one last inspection by our assembly team to ensure you are receiving the best cleaning in Charlotte!

let press club take your shirts for a ride

Press Club offers FREE twice weekly home pick-up & delivery service to our clients. Enjoy the convienece and spend your time doing something you enjoy not making a trip to the dry cleaners. Many clients tell us that the free home pick-up service saves them 40 – 60 hours per year. What are you going to do with your free time?

The best answer is maybe. We'll inspect the tear and make a determination if a repair is possible and what the charge would be to repair. Keep in mind, the fabric in older garments simply wear out over time and make a repair impossible.