Home Delivery

Free Twice Weekly Delivery to Your Doorstep

Professional Cleaning Promptly Delivered!

Pressed for time? Take one more chore off your “To Do” list with Press Club’s FREE home pickup and delivery service. Our automated text will remind you the night before we’ll be in your neighborhood, simply reply yes to the text, place your personal laundry bag (provided by Press Club) on your doorstep and we’ll take care of the rest. A couple of days later your garments will be returned cleaned and professionally finished to your home. No contact is required and you can keep track of the cleaning process on our easy to use app.

It's as easy as 1...2...3!

  • 1. Sign Up On Our Website
  • Delivery address
  • Add cleaning preferences (hang, fold, crease, startch, etc)
  • Provide payment method
  • 2. Request Pickup
  • Request pickup either by app or automated text
  • Place dirty garments on front porch (or designated area) the morning of pickup by 8am
  • 3. Relax
  • Professionally cleaned and finished garments and household items will be returned the next scheduled service day in your neighborhood.
  • Other than holiday weeks our delivery routes run on Monday/Thursday & Tuesday/Friday schedules