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We are proud to be a locally owned and operating family business serving our neighbors. Our story is a familar one with our entrepreneur clients. We became frustrated with the poor customer service and low quality standards displayed by dry cleaners in the Charlotte area. Fed up with missing garments, broken buttons and hit or miss stain removal we knew there had to be a better option in dry cleaning. In our investigation we discovered the dirty little secrets of clean clothes.

First, many so called dry cleaners aren’t really dry cleaners at all but rather imposters or middlemen. You drop your clothes off at a storefront with no dry cleaning being performed and hope for the best. The reality is that in many cases your clothes are hauled off in a personal vehicle to a dirty dry cleaning wholesaler and returned a few days later to the storefront. We solved that dilema, at Press Club Dry Cleaners All of your clothes are cleaned at our modern facility in Steele Creek. Our FREE home pickup and delivery service is provided by our professional team members using company owned vehicles speciffically outfitted with racking to return your garments wrinkle free.

Secondly, the dry cleaning industry is reknowned for it’s use of toxic cleaning solvents such as perchloroethylene and petroleum based hydocarbons. Once these chemicals seep into the ground they become forever chemicals and cause great harm to the environment. We are proud to use GreenEarth Cleaning solvent in our dry cleaning process. GreenEarth Cleaning solvent and the associated detergents are 100% environmentally friendly and eliminate the need for hazardous waste disposal that traditional dry cleaners require.Third, the dry cleaning industry is kicking and screaming to avoid using technology. What other industry still staples tags to customer’s clothing? Press Club has implemented a tracking system that utilizes a tiny barcode affixed to a care label or other inconspicuous location on your garment. This barcode not only tells us who is the owner of the garment but also the manufacturer, color and special care instructions such as starch or creasing. This system nearly make lost garments a thing of the distant pass.

We invite you to experience professional, modern-day garment and textile care at Press Club!

Bill & Jennifer Bowling


All dry cleaning and laundry processes are completed at our modern facility in Charlotte's Steele Creek neighborhood by our team of experienced garment care professionals. We utilize well maintained cleaning and finishing equipment to ensure a quality finished product.


We believe in the adage "Good for you and good for the earth". From our use of GreenEarth Cleaning solvent to retrofitting our facility with energy saving LED lighting and cleaning equipment we committed to reducing our footprint.

Press Club Dry cleaners is a game changer!

Shayns S.


Imagine a future where you can schedule a FREE home pickup from your phone or view your current and past cleaning transactions on an app. At Press Club you can do that today, simply sign up for your personal account and get started today!