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Cleaning and preserving wedding gowns is one of Press Club’s specialties. All work is done onsite in our modern facility in Steele Creek by our experienced garment care professionals using safe non-toxic cleaning detergents and solvents. Prior to cleaning, your gown is inspected for stains or tears from wedding day. Once your gown has been cleaned and professionally finished, we carefully pack it in a museum quality acid free box for storage. Contact us today to learn more about your wedding gown cleaning and preservation options.

NO! Press Club is extremely proud to be recognized as A GreenEarth Cleaning Affiliate. GreenEarth Cleaning solvent is a 100% environmentally friendly solvent and detergent system that will leave your gown brighter, softer and without that awful "dry cleaning odor" found at traditional dry cleaners.

Simply put, Press Club takes the risk out of cleaning and preserving your wedding gown! You won't have to worry about your gown getting "lost" by the shipper or damaged by an "assembly line" cleaning process at an out of state inexperienced company.

Press Club treats every wedding gown like they were our own. Do you have a question or concern about the cleaning and preservation process? Please let our staff know at drop off. Your gown will be cleaned using safe non-toxic cleaning solvents and detergents only available to garment care professionals. All cleaning is performed at our modern facility in Charlotte's Steele Creek neighborhood by our experienced staff at scheduled times when our daily laundry operation has been completed. This ensures your gown receives our undivided attention in the cleaning, finishing and packaging processes.

Absolutely! It's not uncommon for light soiling and/or spots to appear during fittings and pre-ceremony photo sessions. Contact us today and we'll schedule a cleaning and finishing to be performed prior to your wedding ceremony.

Drop in, give us a call or contact us at [email protected] and we be happy to assist you in providing the bride with a future family heirloom!