Dry Cleaning

Safe non-toxic & odor free

over 2.5 million garments successfully cleaned in the last 10 years

Experience does matter! From the simplest of garments to your prized wedding gown, Press Club Dry Cleaners will perform professional cleaning and finishing every time. Our experienced team of customer service and garment care professionals take pride in returning your items impeccably cleaned for their next night on the town. We are proud to be selected as a GreenEarth Cleaning Affiliate providing our clients with an alternative to the harsh toxic chemical cleaning process offered by traditional dry cleaners. You will immediately notice your garments are softer, brighter and without that “dry cleaning odor” many people are sensitive to.

Dry Cleaning your way

  • 1. at the counter
  • 2. in the drive thru
  • 3. free home pickup & delivery