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Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Services

Providing meticulous care to the most special dress you’ll ever own!

At Press Club Dry Cleaners, we understand the importance and sentimentality of a wedding dress. It is not just a piece of clothing; it is a keepsake that symbolizes the beginning of a lifelong journey. That is why we offer professional wedding dress cleaning and preservation services With decades of experience in the industry, our wedding gown specialists are dedicated to ensuring that your bridal gown remains in pristine condition for years to come.

What Sets Our Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Apart?
Our wedding dress dry cleaning process is designed to give your gown the care it deserves while minimizing the impact on the environment. Here’s what sets our dry cleaning service apart:

  • We use environmentally-friendly, non-toxic solvents that are gentle on the fabric of your wedding dress.
  • We use purified water to ensure thorough and effective cleaning without leaving any chemical residue.
  • We are experts at handling delicate fabrics, intricate beadwork, laces, and accessories.

The Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation Process

Your wedding dress is the centerpiece of your wedding day, and so it deserves the utmost care and attention. Our company takes a meticulous approach to cleaning, restoring, and preserving wedding gowns. Here is an overview of our process:
Inspection: We will examine your wedding dress to identify stains, damages, or delicate areas that need special treatment.
Cleaning: We use environmentally-friendly solvents and purified water to gently clean your gown. It’s also effective at removing dirt, sweat, and stains without damaging the fabric.
Restoration: If your wedding gown is damaged in any way, we will repair and restore these elements to their original looks.
Preservation: We employ the latest techniques and materials to preserve your gown’s condition. Each dress is carefully layered with acid-free tissue and placed in a preservation box designed to protect it from light, dust, and moisture.

Cost of Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

At Press Club Dry Cleaners, we want to make sure that wedding dress cleaning service is something that all brides can afford. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to keep their dress in the best possible condition. That’s why we make sure our pricing is reasonable and transparent.
The cost of our professional cleaning and preservation services in Charlotte will depend on your dress’s specific needs. Every gown is different, and it may require different levels of care. But don’t worry, we won’t keep you in the dark about the pricing. After our team inspects your dress, we will provide you with a detailed estimate, so that you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Preserving

Understanding the difference between dry cleaning and wedding dress preservation is important. While dry cleaning focuses on removing stains and dirt from the fabric, preservation goes a step further to protect the gown for long-term storage. Here’s a breakdown of the two processes:
Dry Cleaning: Dry cleaning uses specialized solvents to remove stains and dirt from fabrics without the use of water. It is an effective method for restoring the appearance of your gown.
Preserving: The goal of preservation is to keep your dress in the best possible condition. Preservation involves carefully packaging your dress using acid-free materials. This protects your dress from any damage that could happen over time.

A bride and groom are walking down the street holding their wedding veil.

Preserve Your Wedding Dress for Life with Press Club Dry Cleaners!

At Press Club Dry Cleaners, we know your wedding dress is a treasure to you. It’s not just a dress, but a special symbol of your big day. That’s why we have a team of cleaning experts at your service! They have the experience to take care of all the little details and delicate materials without causing any harm. They will treat your dress with the utmost care and make sure it stays in great shape.

With our meticulous approach and environmentally-friendly methods, you can trust us to keep your gown in pristine condition. Contact us today to experience our exceptional wedding gown preservation services in Charlotte.

Packaging of the Preserved Wedding Dress

Preserving your wedding dress involves not only cleaning and restoration but also careful packaging. At Press Club Dry Cleaners, we take pride in our packaging methods, which provide the following benefits:

  • We use acid-free tissue to prevent yellowing and discoloration of the fabric over time.
  • The preservation box we provide is specifically designed to protect your gown from light, dust, and moisture.
  • Our packaging allows for easy storage and transportation of your preserved wedding dress.

Handling a Preserved Wedding Dress

After we clean and preserve your wedding dress, your part now is to handle it with care. Here are some guidelines:


Always wash and thoroughly dry your hands before handling the preserved gown.


Avoid eating or drinking wine near the gown to prevent accidental spills.


If you wish to try on the gown again, we recommend wearing clean, white cotton gloves to protect the dress from any contact with your skin.


Keep other wedding items and accessories, such as veils, in a similar manner to ensure their longevity.

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Julie Berton
Press club is a great dry cleaners. Easy pickup and delivery. Everything over text unless you need more. Highly recommend them.
Jay Mack
Jay Mack
Extremely professional and pleasant staff. They did a great job on my suit and dress shirt. My white dress shirt had makeup and sweat stains on the collar and it was completely gone when I picked it up. I was also happy with the price. I dropped off a suit jacket, vest, shirt and pants on a Saturday and it was ready for pick up just 3 days later. I really appreciate their calm, easy going demeanor and the excellent dry cleaning job. Highly recommend 👍🏾👍🏾
Joel Ratliff
Joel Ratliff
They do great work. Very friendly and helpful.
Megan Smith
Megan Smith
I’ve been using Press Club Dry Cleaners for years. Always good service and good cleaning.
Edwin B Peacock Jr
Edwin B Peacock Jr
Very solid work especially when special attention to a particular problem is needed
Dorothy Williams
Dorothy Williams
A great place to do business with, they bend over backwards to make it right and they have the best cleaning on the planet, they corrected a very difficult problem for me on a jacket that was ruined by another cleaners, great people!!
Sports Confidence
Sports Confidence
Great, reliable service

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What is wedding dress preservation?

 It involves two important steps: cleaning and packaging. First, the gown is carefully cleaned to remove any stains, dirt, or other things that might harm it. Then, it is packaged in using acid-free tissue paper to protect it from damage and keep it looking almost like new. This process helps the dress stay beautiful for many years.

Why should I choose a professional cleaner for my wedding gown preservation?

Wedding gowns are made of delicate fabrics and have intricate details, so it’s important to handle them carefully. Sometimes, there might be stains on the gown that you can’t see right away. But, professional cleaners like Press Club Dry Cleaners know how to find and remove them before they become more noticeable over time.

How long after the wedding should I get my gown cleaned and preserved?

You should get your gown cleaned and preserved as soon as possible after the event. The longer you wait, the more time stains and dust have to set in, making it more difficult or impossible to remove.

How long does the preservation process take?

When you take your wedding gown to Press Club Dry Cleaners in Charlotte, NC, they will start the preservation process. This process takes about 3 weeks to complete. First, they will give your gown a really good cleaning. After the cleaning, they will carefully press the gown to make sure it looks nice and smooth.

Then comes the packaging part. They will put your gown in a special preservation box. This box is made to be acid-free and pH-neutral, which means it won’t harm your gown over time. It will help protect the gown from damage and keep it safe. And guess what? They will even give you an heirloom box to keep!

Can I bring my gown to Press Club Dry Cleaners even if I didn't buy it from New York Bride or Cunningham Cleaners?

Of course! Press Club Dry Cleaners can clean and preserve gowns from any bridal boutique or designer, as long as they are located in Charlotte.

What is the cost of wedding gown preservation at Press Club Dry Cleaners?

The cost of preserving a wedding gown at Press Club Dry Cleaners in Charlotte can be different for each gown. It depends on things like the type of fabric, the style of the gown, and the level of staining. Before they start working on your gown, they offer a free consultation and estimate. This way, you will know exactly what to expect and can decide if it fits your budget.

Do I need to get my gown altered before getting it cleaned and preserved?

It is recommended to get any alterations done before the cleaning and preservation process. That way, you can keep the same great fit and style of your gown even after it’s been cleaned and preserved.

Can I take my gown out of the preservation box to look at it?

You can take your gown out of the preservation box to look at it. But it’s best to handle it with clean hands and to avoid doing it more often. It’s best to be cautious and handle it only when necessary.

Can I still have my gown preserved if it's been months or even years since the wedding?

Even after a few weeks or months later, it’s still possible to have it cleaned and preserved. The longer you wait, though, the higher the chances that there could be stains that can’t be removed completely. But don’t worry! At Press Club Dry Cleaners, we give our best to make your gown look as good as possible and protect it from getting worse.

How should I store my preservation box?

You should store your preservation box in a cool, dry, and dark place, like under a bed or in a closet. Avoid storing it in a damp like a basement or attic because this can damage the gown’s fabric and attract insects.

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