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About Press Club
Transforming Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service in Charlotte

We’ve heard ALL the complaints about traditional dry cleaners! Dirty stores, broken buttons, missing clothes and that awful dry-cleaning smell. Press Club Dry Cleaners was opened in 2012 to transform dry-cleaning in the Charlotte area by disrupting the typical legacy dry cleaner’s poor reputation.

With more than twenty years in distribution and manufacturing businesses, Bill knew there was an opportunity to disrupt the traditional dry-cleaning business he had been forced to settle on for decades. Jennifer brought her extensive customer service skills acquired from owning and operating two successful retail businesses. We invite you to discover professional dry cleaning and laundry services completed by our team of experienced garment care specialists.


Years Of Experience

A stack of knitted blankets on a wooden table.

A Modern Approach

Here’s how we eliminated the traditional dry cleaner complaints:

No dirty storefront

Our climate-controlled lobby is thoroughly cleaned multiple time each week. In a hurry? pull up in our dedicated drive-up lane for quick personalized service. Or better yet, take advantage of our twice weekly free pick-up and delivery service to your home.

No broken buttons

Press Club has declared that the three rules of dry cleaning are inspect! inspect! inspect! Your garments are inspected for damage, missing buttons and stains at check-in. They are then inspected again during cleaning, pressing and assembly functions. If we discover a broken or missing button, we’ll gladly replace with a new button at no charge!

No missing clothes

Press club utilizes state of the art technology to track your garments and to ensure they receive any specialized handling (heavy starch, fold, etc.) you have requested. We affix a small heat seal label with a personalized barcode to each garment in an inconspicuous location. Unlike traditional dry cleaners we don’t destroy your garments with pins and staples. Curious if your order is ready for pick-up? Just log into your Press Club account and opt-in for a text to notify you of your order status.

No dry-cleaning odor

Take a deep breath of your freshly dry-cleaned garments and it’s what you don’t smell that will put a smile on your face. Press Club is proud to be selected to be a GreenEarth affiliate. Unlike traditional dry cleaners that immerse your clothes in toxic petrochemical cleaning solvents. At Press Club your garments are cleaned in a warm bath of non-toxic liquid sand. You’ll quickly discover your garments and household items are softer, brighter and odor free!

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